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Kelly Reid

Empowering Mama's to Heal - Nourish & Flourish

Birthing and Parenting

"The way we view birth and parenting can present a powerful invitation to grow exponentially -  but is often missed or avoided due to fear, not having the recourses or support to lean into these powerful transitions with love and grace. 

Accept the invitation" - Kelly Reid

Meet Kelly:

Kelly shares her 16 years child-health nursing / breastfeeding and home-birthing experience to help mama's fall back in love with their story.

Kelly's holistic guidance supports all stages of birthing and parenting, with compassion. She passionately advocates for woman who choose to own their birthing and mothering story, and guides them toward tools and support to empower their choices. 

Birth Work - Nourish

Her focus is on providing holistic, evidence-based education that supports physiological birth, and connected parenting, as we honor birth as a rite of passage. Her practice includes body work techniques to connect to you body and baby to labor and birth well. She supports birth as a Doula, runs education workshops on Matresance (entering motherhood), Healing Birth Trauma and Holistic Birth planning. (please contact directly)

Healing - Heal

Many strong woman internalise birth trauma, including myself. If this is part of your story, the healing process begins with being listened to by a compassionate person, who validates your experience. Choosing this, provides insights, though understanding birthing physiology and learning effective tools to move forward. Kelly's practice is trauma informed, gentle, empowering to you, and sensitive to the uniqueness of who you are. 

Mama Coaching - Flourish

Looking for baby/parenting support?

Kelly has extensive experience - and is a fierce advocate of gentle parenting practices and evidence based choices.

You are the expert on your child - Your intuition and wisdom are intact. Choosing to seek support allows you to develop your confidence and awareness in yourself and your parenting role.

From Kelly:

If you feel confused or alone - It is powerful to recognise when you need help. I will never ask you to subsite my judgement for your own. We work together to find  the clarity, calm and connection that you might be missing in this moment, but is possible to find!

If you think there might be a bigger issue - I'm also happy to guide your journey through referral if needed - I have loads of beautiful contacts, resources and tools to share openly as needed.

It is my privilege's to walk alongside many beautiful mama's as they heal themselves, achieve their goals and step into their power.

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Image by Jonathan Borba
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An intensive debriefing and personalized therapy session to help process your birth story, learn and heal. These sessions are a safe space to share, gain insights into why your birth unfolded as it did and restore your trust in your instincts and body. You will come away with new understandings and tools to heal relationships with yourself, partner and child.


Up to 3 hours per session




These sessions are all about you. If your stuck and recognise you need change, but need support to make it happen.

Often there's so much info and so little support. I've coached many strong woman though transitional times, It's ok if life looks messy - often these sessions and a mixture of the practical and the emotional.

In each session we define the need and create a plan, so you have clarity and direction. Sessions are usually weekly for 6 weeks.

6 x 45 min sessions per package -


(additional sessions $120each)


Personalised session, additional to general childbirth educations. Together we explore the physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural considerations of birthing ( all the important stuff that is usually left out of the story). To help you prepare well we identify and fill in knowledge gaps to know what you don't know. I also teach about "inner ways of knowing" to enhance your ability to feel confident trusting yourself. Once completed, you can book a birth planning session and/or birth debriefing session at half price, to follow up.

Up to 2 hours per session

$250 per session


Birth Planning is a one time session to help you understand all your options, and create a plan to cover your birth and Post-partum journey. This is perfect if you have worked through birth trauma and are expecting again, or if you have done antenatal education with me, and are wanting to define your unique desires and put steps in place to birth in your power.

Up to 2 hours per session 



Have gone off track? wondering how to re-balance?

Kelly will provide gentle evidence based support to help you get sorted.

Common conversations:

Sleeping/routine, breastfeeding, Feeding, Toileting's ( including withholding and encopresis), Behavior, or Developmental concerns.

I am a fierce advocate of gentle parenting, and always fall back on research and "techniques".

I understand every baby and family are unique, and always encourage you to develop your instincts and grow you connection with your baby as you work though challenges.

Up to 2 hour per sessions 


Image by Mickey O'neil

I have witnessed the power of connection to heal and light fires in strong women who go and change their communities where they find it lacking. They forge new paths for themselves and for their children to follow. 

- Kelly Reid

How getting support helps

When you get support to discover the root cause of underlying issues,your entire focus shifts. Feeling stuck? If you need a practical plan, we can start there, or if your ready to go deep, I can to support you to do the inner work to let you love more and feel lighter. As a mother, identifying needs to our super power, and we often prioritize our baby and family. Wisdom is understanding that leveling up your family’s story begins with you:

feeling your best, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.


Just knowing I had a next session booked was what got me through some of my hardest time. Every mum needs a great friend like Kelly, it’s just she’s a super mum! Her empathy makes everything just feel like it falls into place.

Jenna ( mum to 2)

It was at night felt undone as a woman. You helped me re-defined how I wanted life to look.

- Sara  

I waited for 4 years before I realised my birth story wasn't going to heal it's self. After one session I understood why things happened to me and that my body wasn't broken like I thought. It completely changed how i prepared for my new baby too.

- Debbie

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