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In Home Support

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  • 4 hr
  • 480 New Zealand dollars
  • Makiri Street

Service Description

Recovering form birth and finding your feet as a parent is a huge challenge. You have never been more open, physically, emotionally , spiritually and mentally then you are in birth, It is a huge challenge, a rite of passage, that always life altering. And coping well with a new baby, and all the demands that brings can feel like too much at times. This is especially tur if your little one is unsettled or have a hard time feeding or getting into a routine. It can feel like you loose yourself in the process of trying everything and anything to solve the problem. PPD is also a reality for some mama's. To support your postpartum journey, there are lots of things you can choose to do or not do, which will change the ways you and your partner experience this time, There's also a lot of things you cant predict or control. In our current birth and parenting culture, many woman look to external sources to provide answers, which can get confusing or even create more issues. Often, events then occur during birth, beginning a cascade of intervention during birth and then leading into difficulty in the early days of parenting. In home sessions prepare you to understand all your options (and any medical information along the way). Together we identify the root cause of any issues, learn some tools, and talk about how your feeling, what would make this time feel better, and address this by making a plan. This is perfect if you have been struggling to feel good about life with baby, or they seem to have lots of compounding issues and you need support to sort it out. If you have done Antenatal education with me, and are wanting to debrief your birth with me in person, as well as receive additional hands on support. I will do my best to make sure you have the right internal resilience, knowledge and people around you to support you to make your post-partum journey the beautiful event it deserves to be.

Contact Details

  • Makiri Street, Helensville, New Zealand

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