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Healing Your Birth Trauma

Safe space to share, process and heal from birth trauma.

  • 3 hr
  • 250 New Zealand dollars
  • Online Meet

Service Description

Healing Birth Trauma is a gift to yourself and your family. It allows you to have compassion for yourself, let go of heavy emotions of shame, guilt or anger so you can invest that energy into the people and life you love. An intensive debriefing and personalised therapy session to help process your birth story, learn and heal. These sessions are a safe space to share, gain insights into why your birth unfolded as it did and restore your trust in your instincts and body. You will come away with new understandings and tools to heal relationships with yourself, partner and child. These sessions are powerful. Here's what a beautiful mama said: "After my birth I felt like my body had failed me in so many ways - I couldn't get pregnant, so I had IVF, then I couldn't go into labor so I had an induction, couldn't birth my baby because I needed a C-section and couldn't breastfeed him. After the session I now feel like my body and baby were capable of all these things, but I had no idea how I could change these things at that time. My anger at myself, and my baby have reduced a lot since I unpacked everything, and I'm using the tools and I'm now feeling like a calmer mum and more connected to by baby." If you are considering another baby - and feeling like you need to undderstand where things went off track - and how to support yourself you have a Healing Birth next time around, this session will provide those answers for you.

Contact Details

Makiri Street, Helensville, New Zealand

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